Local Delivery and Transit Services

E-Commerce Delivery Routes

Major retailers all compete online based on "Last Mile" delivery capacity. A massive national economic shift is underway demanding new local delivery routes.  

Scheduled Delivery and Setup

On a regular basis, many products require distribution to the door. Some of these required skilled setup, preparation, configuration and / or installation. 

On-Demand / Flexible Routes

Local delivery business is now a driven by technical platforms. Tranz1 offers in-house development and integration of advanced mobility and logistics apps.  

Local Transit is Imperative

Gaps in local transit disrupt economic development. Mass transit can now reach each individual at home. 

Workforce Mobility is Key

Employers need guaranteed transit for ALL employees as an employee benefit or local economic development program.

Easy Apps for Riders

Riders need simple mobile apps to ease transit and that also promote local commerce and non-profit development.