Welcome to Tranz1 Vision Capital Group Funding!

We offer a unique private lending approach to fund business startup, development and expansion.

Tranz1 Funding Overview

Unsecured Business Credit

Most businesses lack a financial TOOLKIT! We establish 6-8 bank credit lines to create competition for your cash flow. We help you manage the lines like cylinders in an engine to maintain zero interest and to expand available credit. 

Funding in Less Than 10 Days

Opportunity knocks quickly! Our in-house underwriters expedite your application for typical approval within days and funding within ten days on average. Each bank approval period may vary based on your profile. 

No Reporting to Bureaus

We protect your credit! You provide your own credit report and our in-house underwriters minimize inquiries while maintaining NO reporting to credit bureaus of your activity.  We help you multiply available credit and raise scores.

Triple Available Credit in 1 Year

Business credit: Use it to grow it! Within six months, our managed service typically causes the banks to double your available credit because of effective use of each line. Within one year, we triple your available credit for expansion or retirement of initial debt. 

Establish Commercial Credit

Our unique network of service partners allows you to build a Dun and Bradstreet credit rating to enable unsecured commercial credit lines with no personal application. Commercial credit lines are typically much larger than unsecured business lines based on your revenue. 

Managed Back Office Services

Breath Easier! We offer complete Back Office services including Billing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Vehicle and Equipment Financing and Contract Financing. We establish relationships with your buyers to enable you to grow your business free from cash flow concerns.